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High Quality, High Potency, Low Cost

We believe that good CBD products should be available to everyone who needs them. After years of seeing low quality, low potency, variable consistency, and extremely high costs, we are proud to be able to provide a trusted, consitent source of lower cost, high potency CBD products.

About Our Products:

Smokable Flower

Elution's smokable flower was grown in Greeley, Colorado by trained horticulturalists. Our seedless, indoor flower was grown using only organic growing practices. We used potency data from our gas chromatograph to determine the exact right moment to harvest. Finally, we hand-trimmed our flower and sealed it in Hempsacs. We used Boveda humidity control in each bag and allowed our hemp flower to cure for 60 days prior to sale. We are proud of our flower and are excited to share it with you!

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CBG Hemp Cigarettes | 20 Pack Hemp Cigarettes

Pure Flower Hemp Cigarettes

We set out to create a hemp cigarette without using anything that would reduce the quality. In attempting to address these concerns we landed on using CBG flower to blend into our CBD cigarettes. This way, our cigarettes only contain pure flower and no filler.

With CBG flower we were able to lower the total THC of the cigarette to under 0.3% and create the perfect consistency for a smooth draw. In addition, the entourage effect of using both CBD and CBG together creates a wonderful headspace that brings out the benefits of both cannabinoids at once.

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